Welsh Travels

I’m here to share some more about my trip to Wales in April, but first – you might have noticed this little blog has undergone a bit of redesign (or possibly un-design at the moment?). I was craving a more minimalist look and while at the moment it’s a bit too minimalist, hopefully soon I … More Welsh Travels

Wales In Sunshine

During those most gloriously sunny days we had in April (and that are just beginning to return), Michael, I and my parents went up to Wales to visit family and enjoy the beautiful Welsh countryside. I’ve been up to North Wales so many times now that, while not exactly like coming home, there’s something so … More Wales In Sunshine

A Walk In The Wild

Hello and happy weekend! Isn’t this lovely spring weather wonderful?! Blue skies, sunshine and warmth just makes me feel so much better about everything. Anyway, today I’ve got some more photos of our stay at Fuzzy Orchard to share with you guys – on our first full day there we took a very eventful walk in the surrounding … More A Walk In The Wild

Fuzzy Orchard

Just to clear things up, my title isn’t referring to some slightly mouldy fruit trees (ew), but a GORGEOUS house in Somerset which I recently stayed in for four nights for my friend Amy’s hen do. Fuzzy Orchard is a huge luxury holiday home in the Somerset countryside. It sleeps up to 12 people and … More Fuzzy Orchard

Clandon Park

Last Saturday, as it was such a lovely bright sunny day and we had no plans, I cajoled Michael into making a visit to Clandon Park, a nearby National Trust property. It only took us 10 minutes to drive there and then we were quickly making our way up to the beautiful old house to … More Clandon Park


I know I’m a little late to the party, but considering it’s not quite the middle of January yet I’m going to say it’s still safe to post some resolutions. 😉 I’ve never really made resolutions before but 2015 seemed like the year to do it as I’m more determined to accomplish things than ever … More Resolved.


I’m writing this while indulging in a Big Bang Theory marathon, having eaten lots of smoked salmon eggs Benedict and birthday cake – what are holidays for if not loads of TV and food, right? I definitely needed this holiday! Loving catching up on sleep and TV and enjoying the Christmas decorations in the daylight. … More Christmas!

Lady Dinah’s

I was planning to blog again before this, but sadly illness struck on Friday and I’m only just getting over the blocked nose and general icky feeling (but welcoming in a hacking cough…), but I really wanted to share some pictures of our trip to London a couple of weeks ago to Lady Dinah’s Cat … More Lady Dinah’s


Thanks to those of you who didn’t run away screaming because they’re totally over-saturated with autumn/pumpkin-themed things! At the beginning of October, when all things pumpkin were new and exciting, I really wanted to make pumpkin and hazelnut mini doughnuts – so we went off in search of pumpkin purée. Turns out that our local … More Pumpkin!