Lady Dinah’s

I was planning to blog again before this, but sadly illness struck on Friday and I’m only just getting over the blocked nose and general icky feeling (but welcoming in a hacking cough…), but I really wanted to share some pictures of our trip to London a couple of weeks ago to Lady Dinah’s Cat … More Lady Dinah’s


Thanks to those of you who didn’t run away screaming because they’re totally over-saturated with autumn/pumpkin-themed things! At the beginning of October, when all things pumpkin were new and exciting, I really wanted to make pumpkin and hazelnut mini doughnuts – so we went off in search of pumpkin purée. Turns out that our local … More Pumpkin!

Autumn Brights

Oh dear, it’s been an awfully long time since my last post! I blame the fact that we moved into our new house at the end of August – moving is stressful and needs lots of recovery time obviously! And I still need to sort out some of my stuff. I’ve got lots of exciting … More Autumn Brights