I’m writing this while indulging in a Big Bang Theory marathon, having eaten lots of smoked salmon eggs Benedict and birthday cake – what are holidays for if not loads of TV and food, right?

I definitely needed this holiday! Loving catching up on sleep and TV and enjoying the Christmas decorations in the daylight.

I got these flowers from my parents for my birthday (which was the 21st) and one little bloom fell off as I was trimming them for the vase – luckily I’d just finished my Benefit eye cream and discovered that the jar makes the perfect tiny vase! And it’s still going pretty strong…

Tomorrow we’re heading back to Reading to spend Christmas with family and see some friends, and hopefully do some more eating and lazing around! And sales shopping, definitely another Christmas staple.

I hope you all have a merry Christmas and enjoyed this little peek at our decorations!

4 thoughts on “Christmas!

  1. Yeah, I was definitely in a post-Christmas/New Year funk for a few weeks there! But I'm beginning to be excited for the rest of this year – and some warmer weather 🙂


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