Clandon Park

Last Saturday, as it was such a lovely bright sunny day and we had no plans, I cajoled Michael into making a visit to Clandon Park, a nearby National Trust property. It only took us 10 minutes to drive there and then we were quickly making our way up to the beautiful old house to … More Clandon Park

Lady Dinah’s

I was planning to blog again before this, but sadly illness struck on Friday and I’m only just getting over the blocked nose and general icky feeling (but welcoming in a hacking cough…), but I really wanted to share some pictures of our trip to London a couple of weeks ago to Lady Dinah’s Cat … More Lady Dinah’s

The Old Contemptibles

So, since I haven’t actually got out my camera in an embarrassingly long time (which will hopefully change tomorrow or at least in the near future…) and England is a dark, rainy and uninspiring land at the moment, I thought I’d start re-kicking off my blog with some flashback posts. These photos were taken when … More The Old Contemptibles