A Walk In The Wild

Hello and happy weekend! Isn’t this lovely spring weather wonderful?! Blue skies, sunshine and warmth just makes me feel so much better about everything. Anyway, today I’ve got some more photos of our stay at Fuzzy Orchard to share with you guys – on our first full day there we took a very eventful walk in the surrounding … More A Walk In The Wild

Fuzzy Orchard

Just to clear things up, my title isn’t referring to some slightly mouldy fruit trees (ew), but a GORGEOUS house in Somerset which I recently stayed in for four nights for my friend Amy’s hen do. Fuzzy Orchard is a huge luxury holiday home in the Somerset countryside. It sleeps up to 12 people and … More Fuzzy Orchard

Plymouth: Day 2

Hello! I took an accidental blogging break there, but I’m trying not to make them too long these days. 😉 But without further ado, onto more from Plymouth! On our second day there (and the first full day we spent in the city) we mainly mooched around the shops and attended the reception for Michael’s … More Plymouth: Day 2

Plymouth: Day 1

Just over a week ago Michael and I went to Plymouth to celebrate his twin sister’s graduation from medical school. She’s just moved to Dundee to start work soon so it was great to see her one last time before she moved hundreds of miles away. It was a lovely sunny few days, but thankfully … More Plymouth: Day 1

A Welsh Walk

I had a rather lovely (if sort of frantic) three day weekend dashing around doing nice things – on Friday I went to the Globe with my friend Miriam to see The Last Days of Troy, which was an excellent take on the myth (and funnier than I expected!). We also had a delicious lunch … More A Welsh Walk

The Wild North

Hello! Back from a small unintentional blog hiatus – life just somehow got rather busy! But this is my week off, and to start it (and March) off right I made a trip to visit my best friend Aisha in Manchester at the weekend. Sadly on my one full day there it was pretty gloomy, … More The Wild North