Welsh Travels

I’m here to share some more about my trip to Wales in April, but first – you might have noticed this little blog has undergone a bit of redesign (or possibly un-design at the moment?). I was craving a more minimalist look and while at the moment it’s a bit too minimalist, hopefully soon I … More Welsh Travels

Wales In Sunshine

During those most gloriously sunny days we had in April (and that are just beginning to return), Michael, I and my parents went up to Wales to visit family and enjoy the beautiful Welsh countryside. I’ve been up to North Wales so many times now that, while not exactly like coming home, there’s something so … More Wales In Sunshine

a very cold picnic

I got a beautiful DSLR for Christmas! My Nikon D3100 is probably the most surprising and exciting Christmas present I’ve ever received, and I got to try it out recently on my beautiful friends… Picnic is probably the prettiest independent café in Reading, but it definitely needs more seats…It was worth it for the food, coffee … More a very cold picnic

captured on film (1)

In June 2011 I bought a Halina Paulette Electric film camera from ebay. I’ve always loved the effect of photos taken with film cameras; they seem to have a greater depth and an interesting dream-like quality. These are my favourites from the first film I took (June-July 2011); they came out even better than I’d hoped, as … More captured on film (1)